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Open and stop of flat screen printing machine

Everyone is not familiar with the printing machine. Many of the clothes are from their hands. Today, I'll follow the Xiaobian to see the advantages of using the swimming system printing guide on flat screen printing machine.
The printing guide band of the flat screen printing machine is carried out intermittently according to the pace of the flower back step. But Brussels flat screen printing machine, the printing belt by using the moving system. This system is a unique creation of brussels. The hoisting system of printing blanket that intermittent operation is only limited to the printing area on the working table, and the table below the printing conduction band, driven by electrical combination alone, can keep the continuous motion, the intermittent movement and continuous motion exists in the same printing belt at the same time. This is therefore possible because of the use of the moving roll shaft at the input and output ends of the cloth, which is ingeniously compensated. As a result, starting from the output terminal, the printing guide band is returned to the input section through washing unit, printing guide tape and post placement system, so as to maintain continuous and uniform motion. From the printing effect of knitted fabric, flat screen printing machine is better than rotary screen printing machine, especially the fineness of flower pattern and the limitation of flower size.
The above is the related introduction to the flat screen printing machine, I hope you can have a new understanding of it, and use it to increase efficiency.
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