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A summary of the common sudden situation in the printing process of the printing press

In the process of printing, there are some unexpected situations which are avoided. However, we can adjust the operation means, and correct operation can avoid these failures.
1, printing pulp: the printing color pulp is contaminated by friction before drying.
2, splash: printing color pulp is not smooth on the fabric, but spilled or splashed on the fabric, producing color points or splash color.
3, fuzzy pattern: the pattern edge is not smooth, the line is not clear, most often by improper or inappropriate singeing paste concentration caused by.
4. Not accurate: because the longitudinal arrangement of the printing roller or screen is not aligned, the pattern of the front and back pattern is inaccurate. This kind of defect is also called inaccurate color or pattern shift.
5, parking India: because garment printing machine suddenly stopped in the printing process, then boot, the streaks in the fabric.
6, part embrittlement: on printed fabrics, one or more colors are often damaged, usually due to excessive use of destructive chemicals in printing paste. Fabric in discharge printing of printed out parts can also be found this problem.
The above is the summary of the common bursts in the printing process of the chip printing machine, hoping to help you, more product knowledge, you can pay attention to other contents of our website.
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