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Detailed printing cloth printing machine

The printing machine cloth printing machine and we usually say something different, so printing is also different. The printing method can be divided into 5 kinds: roller printing, transfer printing, digital printing, direct pigment printing and rotten flower printing. The following 3 kinds of printing methods are introduced.
1, roller printing
In the printing process, printing ink hidden in the groove of the inner surface of cylinder, and then transferred to the fabric.
Characteristics: high labor productivity, low production cost. The printed pattern is clear, fine lines and rich in layers. But it is limited by the size and color of the unit, and the tension of the fabric is larger when the printing is printed.
2. Transfer printing
When printing, the dye pattern made of ink printed on the paper with the method of printing, a transfer printing paper, and then the positive transfer positive printing paper to be printed on the fabric tightly and go into the transfer printing machine, the transfer printing paper on the dye transfer to the fabric at under certain conditions.
Features: can print the outline of a particular fine, high artistic, more levels of the pattern of pattern. Without washing, steaming and drying, so energy saving and no pollution. It is suitable for printing of polyester and nylon fabric, and it is also used more in knitwear.
3, burnt out printing: rotten fabric is made of two different fibers interwoven or blended. One of the fibers can be destroyed by a certain chemical agent, while the other fiber is not affected, and then a special style burnt out printed cloth is formed.
All above is the cloth printing printing machine in the introduction, we all know it? If you want to know more about it, welcome you to inquire, we will have a professional for you to puzzle out.
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